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【P.P.】ZEUS Special Material Blade Z+ALC_CL NO:Z031008
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【P.P.】ZEUS Special Material Blade Z+ALC_CL NO:Z031008
【P.P.】ZEUS Special Material Blade Z+ALC_CL NO:Z031008
  • 板厚Thickness: 6.4 mm 
  • 板面Surface:158mm*150mm
  • 拍長Length:238mm
  • 握柄GRIP:80mm*21mm
  • 7Ply  Koto+混纖維 ZL Carbon+阿尤斯Ayous + 梧桐木 Kiri +阿尤斯Ayous+ 混纖維 AL Carbon+ 安麗格Aniegre
  • 球拍實際重量Actual Weight:85.7g
  • Have other weight requirements, please specify after placing an order

M.I.T. 【Made in Taiwan】

This product is simple and environmentally friendly packaging, with the style of exquisite hard-box version D.D. Valiant-Z+ALC Terminator CL


MIT 商標【P.P.】ZEUS Special Material Blade Z+ALC_CL

【Serial NO:Z031008】球拍實際重量Actual Weight:85.7g

Double Day LogoDoubleDay製作+徐老師研發設計監造DoubleDay Production + Coach Tony Hsu research and development design supervision

005.gifThe recommended racket are all personally selected by Coach Tony, elasticity and wood grain are selected, the best quality assurance.
Only one for each number --------- sold out so far (only one of the first orders prioritized, the system shows that out of stock when someone ordered the order to cancel)

M.I.T. 【Made in Taiwan】



005.gifForehand ZL Carbon 混碳纖正手拍面+005.gifBackhand AL Carbon 混碳纖反手拍面

Nittaku-Kasimu_Special carbonThe products is pecially developed for the new plastic ball, it's a forehand and backhand heterogeneous blade, the same performance rubber in the ZLC board to produce higher speed. higher rotation in the ALC board surface. can be made in response to the advantages of personal skills to do the most Forehand/Backhand good choice, so that the characteristics of Forehand/Backhand play to the extreme, enhance the hit the new plastic ball rotation and speed, but also allow rotation and speed to enhance the balance of attention given both stable batting feedback.

    Coach Tony, a Table Tennis Coach from Taiwan,
M.I.T. I Love Ping Ping brade is espcially made a cooperation with OEM, the world famous table tennis products factories in Taiwan. Strict selection of 5 Ply Carbon wood, materials and master craftsmen's hand-made.
    The flexibility of the racket is quite good and over the value. It's worth for cypress Pen's fans to buy and use.


Unstamped unpackaged price】

  • 板厚Thickness: 6.4 mm 
  • 板面Surface:158mm*150mm
  • 拍長Length:238mm
  • 握柄GRIP:80mm*21mm
  • 7Ply  Koto+混纖維 ZL Carbon+阿尤斯Ayous + 梧桐木 Kiri +阿尤斯Ayous+ 混纖維 AL Carbon+ 安麗格Aniegre
  • 重量Weight:85.7g

 正手拍面嚴選Koto為面材的ZL Carbon 混碳纖拍

 【Forehand=KOTO+ZL Carbon】 MIT PP Z+ALC


The Forehand ZL Carbon  forehand side, plate thickness thick as 6.1mm, plate thickness thick as 6.4mm, the muzzle velocity of the fast and there is absolutely stable shot, fell after the other tables in turn increases their rotation (second speed), but also make the pediment arc down quickly, so the degree of difficulty of the opponent to return the ball to increase a lot, the second rotation stamina strong momentum after hitting a stable table and drop features of its board.


 反手拍面嚴選安麗格 Aniegre為面材的AL Carbon 混碳纖拍

【Backhand=Aniegre+AL Carbon】 






The Backhand KOTO+Arylate Carbon soft elastic property, after touching hit a ball, fast elastic might, moreover after falling the table, the second revolving stamina was stronger, Coach Tony Hsu preferred the racket, the wood grain was closely straight and even, the panel sense of reality quite good, suited the drive attack, to strictly chose the high-quality goods of blade, the price very reasonable above the price in value, being worth you purchasing the use even to collect.

 Coach Tony Hsu recommends M.I.T. I Love Ping Ping. The blade chooses Z+ALC Carbon in strictly. Coach Tony Hsu personally selects, wood grain and performance best quality guaranteed, above the price in value, M.I.T. I Love Ping Ping, This brand high-quality blade are the pride of Taiwan.

hot.gif New brand merchandise to solicit sales agents around the world table tennis club ---------------

E.F.P.環保簡易包裝[Environmentally Friendly Packaging]

商品列表 【Same Factory Product Series of [Double Day], environmentally friendly packaging to save shipping costs, avoid unnecessary tariffs possible】

 PP-EFP 包裝盒PP-EFP 包裝盒




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